Stinger ALSS

The Stinger ALSS has front and rear bulkheads, clamping the load of the bales which are stacked perpendicular to the trailer, while most loads of bales are hauled and have been tested with the bales loaded parallel to the trailer. These two features do not allow the bales to split and even on the least secured bale, requires a force 4 x the bale weight to make it start to come off the trailer.

Performance in roll-over and acceleration testing, exceeded the specifications set by innovative vehicle testing in preperation for the FMCSA's technical review of industry cargo securement practices, for baled hay and straw, dated July 7 2008.

Reduced physical requirements for employees. (no straps to throw in high winds)

Reduced liability from employee injury

Lower insurance cost due to lower employee risk

Less employee turnover due to better working conditions

slightly lower total equipment costs

reduced number of employees needed

Reduced delivery cost by as much as one third

STINGER, the industry leader in moving big square bales, has now developed a trailer load securing system that achieves greater load securement and public safety on the road when tested and compared to other dot approved methods

the system is fully automated, and controlled, from the safety of the cab of the truck. No operator is ever in the dangerous loading zone, throwing straps.